About Me

I'm a science journalist and since 2013 I've been travelling to the Arab world to tell stories of science and research, sometimes in recent post-conflict zones.

I've interviewed researchers who, at great personal risk, hurriedly buried their expensive lab equipment as ISIS approached Mosul. I've met university administrators attempting to rebuild the region's answer to Oxbridge even as car bombs continue to threaten the campus.


There isn't much of a science journalism culture in the Middle East, which means that good science often goes unpraised and unethical research goes unchallenged — either way I think it makes for a fascinating story. 

My work has been published by Scientific American, Associated Press, CNN and Engadget amongst others. For a full list of clips, click here.

I have a B.Sci in biology from Imperial College, London and an M.A. in journalism from New York University. 

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